Prviate Rehab Centre for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

What is Private Rehab?

Private rehab offers a safe, confidential and supportive environment in which to address your dependency.

Why Do I Need to Access Private Rehab?

Often people access private rehab centres because they are looking to make a permanent change in their lives, a private rehab clinic offers a period of time away from the pressures of everyday life and a programme of treatment supported by an expert team. Whether you are looking for a private alcohol rehab centre or a private drug rehab centre Grace Recovery has some of the highest recovery outcomes in the UK.

I Have Both Drug and Alcohol Dependency, Can You Help Me?

Our private alcohol rehab programme is designed to enable you to understand the root cause of your drinking and equip you with the tools to maintain recovery when you exit our private rehab clinic and go back home.

Private drug addiction treatment at Grace Recovery is delivered by a team of staff that are in recovery from drug addiction themselves and just like you, once took the step of accessing private drug treatment. You are not alone on this journey, there is hope and help at hand.

Why Choose Grace Recovery?

Grace Recovery is a private rehab clinic with an outstanding reputation,  our private rehab facilities are set in a beautiful Georgian building with quiet grounds for relaxation and contemplation.

When choosing private alcohol clinics or private drug clinics it is important to discuss your requirements with the admissions team, that way you can be assured that the private rehab clinic you choose it right for you.