Alcohol Treatment Centre

When is it time to access alcohol addiction services?

There are many alcohol recovery programmes that offer varying results, we have been helping people recover from alcohol addiction since 2009. In our experience, accessing residential alcohol treatment can give you the best chance of regaining control of your life away from the responsibilities and distractions of everyday life.

Does Alcohol Treatment Work?

85% of people who access our inpatient alcohol treatment remain sober 6 months following admission. Why? Because we understand at Grace Recovery that when your drinking becomes unmanageable finding the best alcohol treatment centre that understands your needs can feel overwhelming . At Grace Recovery, our team have been where you have and took the very same first steps in reaching out just as you are. We understand that you will have lots of questions about our alcohol recovery center and we understand how important it is to know that the alcoholism treatment programs you are entering are safe, supportive and successful and have helped people find long term recovery.

What Can I Expect?

At our  alcohol abuse treatment centre you can expect to meet people that are struggling with the same challenges as you and kind, compassionate and considerate staff who are dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best of care during your stay.

Your days will be structured, your alcohol recovery programmes agreed at the very start of your care with your dedicated alcohol recovery practitioner.

Where Are You? Our alcohol treatment centre is centrally situated in the centre of the UK, easily accessible by rail or road in a beautiful Georgian building in the heart of leafy Edgbaston.