Addiction Treatment Centre

Addiction does not discriminate and can happen to anyone, today more so than ever.

There are a number of addiction treatment centres across the UK offering varying addiction programmes and addictions treatments.

Treatment often takes place in a dedicated  addiction clinic or addiction rehabilitation center where a team of skilled clinicians, psychologists, doctors and therapists will support you with your personal addiction rehab treatment plan.

Recovery from addiction is possible with the right support, typically you begin your  addiction recovery with a 28 day residential programme within a specialist addiction treatment facility. Detoxification may be needed before you move onto exploring the reasons behind your addiction, this is called  addiction rehabilitation and can include a wide range of therapeutic interventions such as group work, art therapy, mindfulness, and a range of holistic addiction treatment.

Do I Need Residential Treatment For My Addiction?

Addiction rehab in an addiction recovery center is often the most successful way of breaking the cycle of addiction. Here you will receive round the clock care and have the opportunity to work with a range of therapists and your own 1:1 private addiction counselling

Should I Be looking for Help For Addiction Near Me?

Family and work responsibilities can impact your choice of addiction treatment facility. Most addiction rehab centres in the UK offer opportunities for your loved ones to visit once your treatment is underway, Grace Recovery is centrally located in the Midlands and is accessible by road or rail so whilst you may at first feel that your options are limited to only accessing “addiction services near me” a centrally located treatment centre such as Grace Recovery is a more than viable option.