About us

We understand exactly how you are feeling as you embark on these first steps towards a life free from addiction, our highly skilled and dedicated team are with you every step of the way supporting you and your family walk towards the life you deserve.

Our team has been helping people find lasting recovery for over a decade. Established since 2009 Changes UK was created by Founder and Chief Exec Steve Dixon who following his own recovery in 2004 wanted to create a service that was dedicated to supporting individuals, families and communities recover from the devastating impact of addiction and poor mental health.

Addiction does not discriminate

Addiction can happen to any one of us during our lifetime, our programme has helped hundreds of people sustain long term recovery because we understand that there is no quick fix, working with clients to help them understand the underlying causes of their addiction whilst working through their psychological and emotional health to break old ways of thinking that improve self-confidence, sense of purpose and belonging. 
About Us - Grace Recovery

Our approach

We understand that the problematic use of substances is often a response to difficult or traumatic life experiences. We also understand that the key to sustaining long term recovery is anchored in the insights and values we hold about ourselves, our sense of purpose, belonging and connection with the world around us and ourselves. Our model is ‘trauma informed’, that is we recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma, and the impact it has on our clients and their families and how important it is for our clients to feel safe. Our team at Grace Recovery will support you with understanding, kindness and compassion to enable you to build trust, make your own decisions and connect with others that have been where you are. This understanding is embedded in all we do and evident in all of our interventions, policies, and procedures restoring a sense of safety, power and worth in our clients reducing the likelihood of re-traumatisation.

The three pillars of our therapeutic program are: 

• Abstinence based peer led recovery

• Eclectic use of low-level CBT and motivational interventions

• Community psychology approaches that focus on physical and social well being